Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bio heat map of a betting market

It's a beginning of my research on a lifetime of a betting exchange market and my preliminary goal is to underatand how market grows and evolves during its lifetime.

One of my first thoughts was to present a market in a form suitable for analysis using a sense of sight and image recognition. In the first instance I decided to try a bio heat map that is commonly used in a science to present gene, weather or biological maps.

The picture below presents a bio heat map for a betting exchange market: tv = f(r,p,t)
  • tv - total traded volume on the given runner in a particular market
  • r - market runner
  • p - probability
  • t - time
Color - green to black to red
  • green - 0 traded volume
  • black - middle between min and max
  • red - max traded volume

Having that, I'm going to record a lifetime of a market and replay it with an increased speed and make some initial analyses.