Friday, 29 July 2011

Real-time trading on a betting exchange with virtual money

Last year I created market data collector and market simulator, then I started analyzing betting exchange markets. Now I developed a computer system which allows for examining markets on a betting exchange real-time using virtual money. As opposed to my historical analysis, which was mostly automated AI aided process, real-time analysis is a purely manual activity.
Figure 1 Design for real time analysis of betting exchange markets.

First I developed betting exchange and I deployed it to Amazon Cloud, it is available at Then I fed this betting exchange with horse racing real-time market data  coming from Betfair betting exchange, so that I could place bets on those markets using virtual money.

After that I created Google gadgets for displaying real time charts for win and place markets and to be able to place bets on a betting exchange.

Figure 2 Google dashboard including real time charts for win and place markets and bet placement widget.

Having that, I'm able to observe betting exchange markets real-time and place bets not risking real money.

The key software development technologies I applied are Scala for back-end and Javascript for front-end.


  1. Betting Exchange Engine -
  2. Betting Exchange Server -
  3. Betting Exchange Feeder -
  4. Market Data Collector -
  5. Betting Google Gadgets -